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The three Saturdays of grading have now been completed and so the Junior Netball programme moves into the competition phase for all grades except Non-competitive Future Ferns. Competition lasts for 9 weeks and is then followed the next week by a fun morning tournament.

The teams have been seeded (except for Non-competitive Future Ferns). A and B Grades will be run like last year, i.e. sections of 8 teams play a round robin competition for 7 weeks, then have a semi final week and finals week. There are two sections in A Grade, and three sections in B Grade.

C Grade will be run differently as there are only twelve teams in this grade. They will be split into two equal sections of six and will play a round robin competition for 5 weeks. They will then be split into the top four teams (i.e. the top two teams from each section), middle four teams (teams third and fourth in each section), and bottom four teams (teams fifth and sixth in each section). These three mini sections will play a round robin competition for three weeks. After those three weeks, teams that are one and two in their section based on points will play each other as a final, and three and four will play each other.

Competitive Future Ferns are different again as there are fourteen teams in this grade. They will be split into two equal sections of seven and will play a round robin competition. However, so there is no bye, the odd team from each section will play a ‘friendly’ on the Saturday that is not worth competition points but will still give the players a game of netball. They will then play semi finals and finals.

At the Junior Committee meeting on Saturday we discussed the umpiring of the Competitive Future Ferns grade. Members felt that it was a difficult grade for Year 8 players to umpire due to the players in that grade being still really new to netball and that with player rotation it was difficult for them to know if a team was rotating correctly. The committee decided that coaches or someone associated with each team would umpire the grade. It is however, a competitive grade and coaches will need to talk to each other prior to the game so as to ensure that there is no coaching from the umpire and that the rotation is followed correctly throughout the game. If you find that a team is not following the rotation correctly, please do not hesitate to send someone to the top office during the game so the problem can be rectified quickly. Failure by a team to rotate correctly can see them lose competition points. Please remember that you umpire to your right.

Just a couple of other quick things:

A reminder that no jewellery is to be worn except a taped medic alert bracelet or necklace.

Junior Development Programme starts on Wednesday 1 June and letters have been sent out to schools for their Year 7 and 8 players who have been selected. Please remind these girls that if they wish to take part, forms need to be returned by this Saturday.

Canterbury and Netball NZ registration forms have been given to schools to be filled out and returned.

Players that are registered in a higher team cannot play for a lower team.

Year 8 umpires have had two umpiring clinics but are still in need of positive support and encouragement from the sideline.

Caroline McKay will start her umpiring tutorials for the young umpires this Saturday at 8.45am, 9.45am and 10.45am (they need to choose the time that best suits them).

No Junior Netball Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Please ensure this information gets passed onto coaches and managers, especially the changes for C Grade and Competitive Future Ferns Grade.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Netball South Canterbury.

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