Congratulations to the following players who have been named in the South Canterbury U16 Representative teams...


Renette Van Heerden

Isla Crawford

Maddison Matthews

Nicole Schoneveld

Helena Shelton

Amber Wall

Poppy Slater

Mazaiah Isaako Tuala

Sophie Parsons

Grace Anderson

Coach: Nicola Sutherland

Manager: Tracy Walden


Lucy Matheson

Mackenzie Waldron

Lilly Grant

Faith Coffin

Rhona Pantel

Amelia Geary

Sienna Wright

Kate Simpson

Maia Colvill

Ruby Grant

Coach: Abby Rawcliffe

Manager: Mick Geary

Train Ons

Ella Craig

Sophie Smith

Alexa Morresey

Thank you to all players who attended trials, and our selectors and umpires for giving up their time 

We wish the teams the very best of luck for the season ahead.